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  1. just wanted to see if it'd work for entire picture and it does
  2. Too large for the forum you mean? We will definitely look into that if that's the case! saved at 10. upload worked
  3. I dragged a copy to my desktop and then went to bridge no more padlock thanks again Samantha. opened it up in acr and photoshop so I think I'm good.
  4. So I burned NEF files onto a CDR for archival purposes. Is there something that I need to select before I burn?
  5. Oops sorry I pressed ok and then it said access denied.. I jumped the gun
  6. Thank you so much! fantastic direction it worked. good day
  7. Pulling images off a CD in Bridge and they have padlocks on the images. Meaning please ? thanks
  8. yeah 1 cause it kept telling me that my jpeg was too large.
  9. My lady friend would like her gobbler less noticeable. So I tried liquify, I froze the area under her so to not distort and then used a rather large brush and it didn't IDK i sucked and it still looks bad. Would burning the shadows be another step to help? If so I think I read that you liquify fist before adding actions and then what about Dodging? oh and BTW picture is SOOR no editing
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