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Hi everyone, I'm away for early Christmas celebrations with family from Monday to Wednesday (11th-13th) (Aussie time).  During this period I've turned off posting in the classes.

You can still post your general questions in Ask Damien, and I'll answer them when I can, but my answers will likely be more delayed than usual.



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  1. Brady Sports Background

    I think it's the way the light hits the handle on the right that throws it off some.
  2. Brady Sports Background

    Thanks for the hint! I started over. Is this better?
  3. Brady Sports Background

    Right. Is this better?
  4. Brady Sports Background

    Hi fixed the background on this and wanted to see if you'd take a look and see if it looks okay and if I missed anything. Thanks
  5. So I talked to the lab. They said I ordered the collage print with no color correction but that I ordered the prints with color correction and that is why the collage print turned out bad because they printed it as is. I find that hard to believe because I ordered prints and canvases in September with no color correction and they turned out just fine, just like my prints usually do. This last batch I ordered through the ROES program which is a download on your computer and stands for "Remote Order Entry System". This was the only way I could order the collage. So then I ordered the prints and canvases (which I haven't received yet) through ROES also. All of the other orders in the past is through the website. They are sending me a voucher for a reprint, but I wonder now. I really don't think it was on my end, Damien. I'm going to do the collage in Photoshop and upload it to the web as a 16x20 print and see how it turns out. I'm a bit bummed because I like this lab, but now I'm just not sure what the heck is going on. I want to be confident that what I'm doing on my end is correct. I have a client that I feel is going to order some canvases and this will be my first big canvas order for a client. The others were me and family that I ordered for.
  6. Yes, I just sent an email and so I will wait to see what they say.
  7. So I got the prints back today and they looked great! So, it was just the collage! Yippee! Also, I really think I was too critical when looking at my prints. I kept re-reading your resources and I was trying to get them to match perfectly. I did calibrate the Asus monitor this morning and going to try editing on this and see what happens. Thanks for your help.
  8. I do have an Asus monitor that I use for work right next to my Dell so maybe I'll try that one. If I do, should I calibrate it to match my prints that I have now.
  9. i said they were a tad darker than my monitor but not like these in the collage I just got back. Those were hideous.
  10. I can't really see how I can increase my room lighting. I mean I can turn the lights on but they are on in the evening. I could probably change the bulbs but they already bother my eyes. All of the prints I have ordered previously were great. There is definitely something wrong with these on this collage. I should get the other prints tomorrow and I'll see how those turn out. I'm just nervous about the canvases and I'm also waiting for the group in the metal print I asked you for advice on last week. My canvases I ordered a few weeks ago came back beautiful. I'll let you know.
  11. No. Honestly. No. Now what? Can I be helped? Am I doomed?
  12. So my monitor is on the lowest setting for brightness as it goes. I really don't know if this is correct or not. I'm just not sure what to do here anymore. The target is 120 and I'm at 125 but when I did this earlier it was at 106.
  13. Ughhh! I'm so frustrated right now.
  14. Okey dokey. Then I'll do it that way then. I can't find how to reset to defaults on this thing though.