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  1. Clarity

    Ok. I'll give it a try tomorrow. Thanks Damien
  2. How do I remove objects after applying a filter

    I know. So how do I remove objects and then apply a different filter before or after without it being obscured but still keep the dust and scratches layer the way I want it?
  3. Hi! So I've added a dust and scratches filter to this and used a black mask. When I try to add another layer to remove the branches from the photo with the patch tool, it doesn't seem to work and I think it's because I've got the mask filled with black. I know there's probably a simple work around to this but I can't figure it out. Please help. Thanks!
  4. What would be equivalent in Photoshop to clarity in ACR? Specifically I'm looking to decrease clarity to obtain a soft look.
  5. Shine up ring

    I haven't had a chance yet to work on it. I'll post when I do.
  6. Shine up ring

    No problem. The knowledge that you share with all of us is truly the best thing ever! Thank you for sharing!
  7. Shine up ring

    Yeah! That looks better. I didnt think about desaturating it. Thanks, I'll have a play with it next week. Going on a long weekend trip.
  8. Shine up ring

  9. Is there a way to access Bridge from a different computer? I'm taking a road trip and I'd like to do some culling in bridge.
  10. Shine up ring

    Hi! How can I make the wedding band look shinier. It looks dirty here.
  11. Lucas-Hats off

    Yeah, you're right! I guess it was wishful thinking. I do have some very sharp ones and I can definitely see the difference.
  12. Lucas-Hats off

    Ok. I do check them in Bridge with the 100% zoom and they seem ok there but then when I pull them into PS they don't
  13. Copying layers from one photo to another

    Thanks Sue! I also was doing something wrong, so I'm glad you asked. Thanks Damien! Things weren't going well for me this evening so I was going to just give up!
  14. Is it possible to copy layers from one photo to another photo?