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  1. Emmie Fix Background

    Damien, I would like to put a textured overlay on this. Do you have any tutorials for that?
  2. Emmie Fix Background

    Oh good! I'll work on the masking some more tomorrow. It's been a long day and my eyes are tired. Thanks for helping Damien! I'm sure I'll have more questions.
  3. Emmie Fix Background

    Ok. how's this?
  4. Emmie Fix Background

    So I'm at this point and have the gradients exactly as your's so why hasn't if filled in like it shows in the video?
  5. Emmie Fix Background

    Great! Taking a look now! Thank you!
  6. Emmie Fix Background

    One of the thumb layers is color. The fix black floor is removing the wrinkles with the patch tool.
  7. Emmie Fix Background

  8. Emmie Fix Background

    How's my thumb?
  9. Emmie Fix Background

    I fixed the 3rd finger. Does it look bad?
  10. Emmie Fix Background

    In my last post with the pumpkin you said "please keep the posts coming". Well here you go. Here's my attempt at this background. Be kind. It's my first attempt. I haven't done any levels work or anything else yet.
  11. Emmie Fix Background

    Can we use the fingers from this photo to replace those in the other?
  12. Emmie Fix Background

    Yeah. You're right. Is it fixable?
  13. Emmie Fix Background

    Oh, it does look like it is on the 3rd finger. Is that going to be a problem?
  14. Emmie Fix Background

    Hi Damien, How can I smooth out the backdrop around her hands and in front of her and extend it in the front?
  15. Double Chin

    Oh. Sorry!