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  1. Yes I have a website and can create a private page. I might do that - thank you. Its just so frustrating that I can't figure out what went wrong. But I've wasted stacks of time trying to sort it, so i'm moving on. Thanks for trying to help.
  2. yep - the support agent from adobe said it was because the layer is locked. So even tried unlocking the files and resaving - still no good. I've also deleted the entire adobe app collection and reinstalled. Still the same. Its driving me crazy because with each new support agent from adobe i get, they ask the same questions and I go round and round in circles. As you can see from the file i attached before. The document I'm trying to create is for my pricing. Is there another way you would recommend sending this to clients - instead of trying to convert it to a PDF?
  3. Just tested again - its just adding the first page
  4. I added all the files in preview - using the instructions you gave. I exported it and saved it. When I open to view it - only one file (one page) appears. I tried highlighting all the files and exporting/saving - however same thing happens. I have attached a photo of what the pdf looks like that Ive created looks like prior to export.. From what I've read its a common problem with adobe and macs however I couldn't find a solution.
  5. Hi Damien - I tried creating a multi file pdf with the instructions you gave - however when I export and save - only one document appears to show. I have tried highlighting all the files and then exporting - but the same thing happens!
  6. Thank you - yes I can still save it as a PDF so I will do it the other way. Photoshop have spent hours on my computer trying to figure out why pdf presentation wont work and they can't seem to find the problem. But at least there is another way - thank you And the other advice was also very helpful!
  7. How can I make all those documents go onto to the one PDF file?
  8. Hi Damien, I'm not sure if this is out of your realm of help advice. However the support team on Adobe are really being no help at all, so I thought I might ask you to see if you had any solution. Up until yesterday I was creating a PDF file for my pricing, there are 5 separate files so I was doing it through PDF presentation. Of course I made an error on one of the files- so made changes, and when I tried to save it again it came up with this error code. I've tried to create a PDF since using different files, thinking it may be an error with one of my files however the same error message appears. I've also tried updating PS. Any other advice would be greatly appreciated. I've attached a photo of the error message.
  9. Would a clipping mask work better? because basically I want to cut a circle out?
  10. I want to make it the colour of layer one. So thats the part I'm stuck on
  11. Hi Damien, I am wanting to add some colour to my watermark by creating a coloured circle logo. I have a coloured layer (used from a photo) for the background, my watermark and a text box. I have created an Ellipse shape around it, but can not get it to switch to inverse and for the life of me I cannot find out why! I'll add a photo of it too. Basically I'm wanting the background to be the new circle so I'm left with a circle logo. God I hope that makes sense!!! Eeek
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