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  1. That's what I figured. I'll comb through the rest of the images to see if there's anything suitable for the purpose. Thanks!
  2. The mom loves the smiles on the boys' faces. The dad finds the "pushed forward ear" distracting. What is the best method for hiding the pushed forward ear? (I'm thinking that I need to create a new layer and mask the "behind child's" face over the ear, but if there's a better way to go about it, I'd like to know it.) Thanks!
  3. I am willing to share my relief! *cheeky grin* Seriously, though, thank you.
  4. Today, I presented the images to the client. She purchased my smallest package ($1600). I couldn't have done this without your patience and help. Thank you, Damien. I'm going to enjoy the glow for a day or two, then delve back into the rest of the solutions we've discussed in this thread. p.s. - I've set aside some of the funds for reinvesting into my business via the Levels and Bridge classes. Now, I have to get some qualifying samples to you! 😀
  5. I've just finished reading the class about Glary....then went on to read Scanner (that looks like a supremely nifty tool!)....and wondered about CleanUp (isn't that the same kind of thing as Glary?). So, in order of priorities: I need to install Glary and Scanner. I also need to take the Bridge Class. So much to do; so little time! 😉 However, given my packrattedness, good housekeeping tools and practices are essential, as I work on letting go of crap that really doesn't need to be on my computer. In the good news column, I keep all of my work on an external hard drive and I back up the more recent stuff to the cloud on a nearly daily basis. I'm still working through the backlog of older files, uploading those to the cloud in small batches every other day or so.
  6. Indeed! I haven't used them for a few years. I had started out using them and then switched to Millers on the recommendation of a bunch of photogs that I met at convention. (This was before I had any idea about proper monitors, calibration, or anything else.---It's been a steep learning curve.) What is your opinion of WHCC, beyond its use of the 6500 standard? With regards to images to be put out either on my website or social media, do you advise that I should create a whole new profile (or set of profiles) to be used separately from the one for prints? Could I use a previously used profile, courtesy of that Display Profile thingy that I downloaded from you a while back? *very small voice* Or, should I ditch all of those old profiles, keeping only the current Millers Lab profile? I come from a long, venerable line of packrats....I tend to keep things, you know, just in case.... 😜 I have not....yet! I'll grab a fresh cup of coffee and click the link to get up to speed. Then I shall procure one, some time this week.
  7. Other loose ends: 1. Using Glary or another approved software to do whatever those things are supposed to do. 2. Procure another HDMI cable in case the current one is faulty, leading to blurry screen and potentially other problems. 3. I'm convinced that I'm forgetting something that we discussed in this thread. Should I set up points one and two above, as separate threads? Note bene: I'm sure that I've said it before: I have a serious and well-earned mistrust of computers because I lack a fundamental understanding of them. As I'm in the middle of color-correcting two different batches of event photos, I am loathe to introduce anything into/onto my system that might tamper with Photoshop/Bridge. Will running a Utilities (?) program interfere with my current work? ----Thanks!
  8. Now that I seem to have the Monitor Calibration for an acceptable Millers Lab profile, I suppose it's time to turn to creating different profiles for different labs (WHCC, for example) and for different purposes (web vs prints). Should I set this discussion up as a separate thread? Thanks!
  9. Sorry for the delay. Yes, they arrived and they are tolerably close to the on-screen versions. YAAAAAY!
  10. In terms of warmth and vibrancy, yes. The colors are very nearly the same. Skin on the subjects in the photos are very close to the ones in the prints. It's just that it seems to me that, in the case of the last batch of prints, that a dingy, grey, opaque layer was added. I don't know how else to describe it. In the prints, that "layer" is particularly noticeable in the shadowy areas of a subject's skin. I paid particularly close attention, during this last round of calibration, to examine the on screen versions to make sure that the calibration resulted in images that matched as closely as possible to the prints. They're very close, but they're not identical. brb....I have to drop off hurricane relief supplies. I'll check in once I've returned.
  11. Now, I know that I'm not supposed to harp on the prints, but can you explain why the last batch seem to have an opaque grey overlay? This is really bugging me, and I'm worried about being able to deliver gorgeous prints to the client. Thank you for your patience.
  12. The soft proofing profile versions look pretty good. Off go the images for test printing.
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