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  1. Definitely while I'm at home; however, I utilize my laptop at work in prepress where they have it well lit and I can still see the difference. One of my lab prints in hanging in the office there so I actually have something to compare to.
  2. I used the X-Rite Eye One Pro UV Cut with the latest version of software and this is the calibration I got; however, my lab prints are a tad bit warmer than this calibration. Do you suggest a different target? This calibration was the result of following your instructions and using the large swatch palette. I am at somewhat of a disadvantage having the older LCD screen, as I do have to make sure I'm looking at it from the correct angle or the color and brightness change. Not something I can remedy at this point in time.
  3. I will try and see what happens - my equipment is several years old, so I know my macbook pro doesn't have a retina display (mid-2010). The units maybe complement each other.
  4. Hi Damien, I have an X-Rite Eye One Pro UV Cut on hand. Will this unit suffice for my monitor calibration? I see that the Eye One Display Pro is on the list and this unit takes the same software. This is an older unit that has literally seen zero miles.