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  1. Ok, so Adobe are all closed today but... I have finally worked it out. By pressing Command+Option+Shift at the same time while right clicking on the PS icon, then selecting open and I've then deleted the setting and returned to default. It's fixed the F key issue too. So basically from the time I've had this PS CC it's been acting up and not showing tabs but now via doing this it's seemingly fixed. Thank you for all your suggestions and time today Damien.
  2. So, I have not yet contacted Adobe re the maximise options now there however they are not on the page with the tools. Another problem is that the first opened image is cut off on the left so you cannot see the whole file name. When I press "F" again, the file appears on it's own again, no tabs and my tools are back
  3. Nope agh. Now pressing F doesn't show the tabs again. They're not there at all again. Far out.
  4. After turning off the computer, I can now see tabs as an option on one of the screens when pressing "F" however, the file name is cut off and there are no tools. Pressing "F" again, brings up the photo with the tools but the tabs are gone.
  5. I've paid for this CC subscription for a year (I've only had it for a couple of weeks). Should I contact Adobe or try deleting the whole thing and re installing it?
  6. It is the whole screen it's taking up. How do I check as there is no minimise/maximise options on the Eizo when PS is open?
  7. ^ The above was hitting F 3 times. Still no idea how to get tabs for opened photos across the top.
  8. The choice was Window>Workspace> reset photography (which I've done here) or new workspace or delete workspace
  9. For info I actually dislike how these panels are appearing. I cannot seem to make them part of the screen. It's floating and I'd prefer them as part of the set up when I'm working.
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