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  1. Web output

    They do, and apparently are known for their excellent customer service
  2. Web output

    Great, thanks again! I feel like my thinking is off right now but.. if I am trying to save a portrait shape photo for web, can I set the width to 2000 px?
  3. Web output

    Can you help me with batch saving PSD files to jpegs for web output? The workflow would be... add watermark, sharpen for web, flatten image, resize for web, save as for web. Am I missing anything?
  4. Web output

    Great, thanks so much.
  5. Web output

    Here are my settings under save for web.
  6. Web output

    Hi Damien, Looking back through this thread makes me laugh... Anyway, I upgraded to a more professional webpage and I'm trying to get it under way... I just need some preparing images for upload ... Here is a tutorial from the website company https://help.pro.photo/wordpress/images-media-library/prepare-images-for-upload/ Here is what I am assuming from this: 1. Open photo in PS 2. Use the crop tool, W x H x Resolution, set width to 2000 px 3. Then what should I set my height? 4. File, save - as .. then what? Thanks Damien.
  7. Banner size

    Okey doke. Thanks for the help on this.
  8. Banner size

    Ok. How much more levels work until I can get into the skin class?
  9. Banner size

    Got it. Thanks for the help! *what is the resolution that my images should be saving at?*
  10. Banner size

    Okay that sounds easy enough. Is ppi and dpi the same thing? Am I saying something wrong?
  11. Banner size

    “It will be on a 5 ft by 7.5 ft banner. It will probably take up 1/3 or 1/2 of it. “ Exact words from my client.
  12. Hey Damien, A client wants a banner size print. The only info they are giving me is that it needs to be 300 dpi and high resolution. What other info do I need from the lab? How do I go about this? Thanks!
  13. What's next?

    Hey Damien, First of all want to say that your classes have changed my editing life and I still have so much to re-read, practice, and learn. I took the RAW, layers and masks, and levels class. My editing just seems to be missing the wow factor... I play and play and play and can't seem to be satisfied. I do have a lot left to learn in camera as far as achieving perfect exposure, but I feel that I can still do so much more in post processing. I'm applying the quick mask and editing particular areas of the photo like you taught in levels. That gives my photos a good extra punch, but like I said, I want more. I'm trying to mess around artistically, but I can't seem to get it right. Should I get into Levels deluxe? Will this help me significantly? Or should I post in the area where you help achieve a certain look? Just looking for the next step to step up my game. Thanks!
  14. Web output

    seems to be a stupid question but once I download the jpeg from my website how do I get all the info back for its size, pixels, etc. that I need to check?