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  1. Mom wants the wet part of her skirt to appear dry. My attempt with clone and paintbrush are underwhelming, and of course this one is going to be enlarged and framed. Any suggestions on better ways to fix the bottom of her dress?
  2. All of my editing is done in sRGB, however I have a request for jpeg images for a national publication and that they be in RGB format. I am assuming this would be Adobe RGB? When I export from LR as Adobe RGB color profile and open the image in PS it still shows sRGB in the settings. Can someone clarify this for me?
  3. I did read that one. I used to keep TIFF files, but then I started saving in JPEG, I guess I need to go back to TIFF. They are just so big, I was trying to cut down on the amount of space taken up on my externals with all the sessions I go through.
  4. I did, thank you. I was under the impression smaller MB = smaller print quality.
  5. OK thank you for your patience, I was really worried I had seriously screwed up.
  6. I was guessing...I looked it up, it captures 22.3...you can see how savvy I am about file size. So I have a full resolution 4 MB file then and that is OK?
  7. OK on a 4MB JPEG edited file I show the raw file was 5760x3840 (27.3MB). The pixels are the same in this case on the JPEG, so do I not worry about the MB at all and assume it will print fine for her?
  8. So I have two thoughts, one is that maybe the settings on the image size are off when I save in PS. I never alter them, just go to file, save as JPEG, done. The other thought is that maybe the issue is my final LR export setting should be set to Quality 100 vs 90. I've had it at 90 forever, because long ago when setting things up I read that's what it should be.
  9. 28ish, its a MarkIII. I love my Mastin so if they work there, I'm game.
  10. I agree, its too many steps. I only just ran into this when I started saving as JPEG out of PS, as TIFF it was never an issue. 5668 × 3779 is one of the file dimensions. I'm happy to take the class, but I love my presets.
  11. I have a question about the size of my final files that get imported to my client's galleries, and then downloaded by them and sent off into the world. My concern is that they are too small to print to any size. My workflow is to import original raw into LR, flag my favs and then export just those original files to a batch folder. I open these for editing in PS, make my edits, and then save each PS file as a JPEG. I reimport just the JPEG edits into a new Quick Collection in LR as final edits and then export those to a client folder so that I can rename them all with their last name - number.jpg. I am finding some of these files are only 3MBs and my concern is that they won't be able to print these wall portrait size. I am not sure if I am working with full RAW size files where the size compression is happening in PS. What am I doing to make the files so much smaller? I do not resize at all. I used to save the files as TIFFs vs JPEG in PS after editing and would reimport those TIFFs to LR once edited, and they were very large files. After exporting the TIFF a final time as JPEG out of LR to the client upload folder they would be in the 18MB range. What would be the correct way to do this? I work in LR4/PS6.
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