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  1. Hi Damien! Well who can say Damien Symonds himself was thinking about him?? I didnt figure it out unfortunately, I tried with the wires but it just didnt hold and I didnt indeed have the time and patience. I am still thinking about the solution though, I hope I will manage one day!
  2. Hi everyone! I cant mess up with the shoe at all, it costs 200 dollars Trying the wire today, my man will go find me what I need at lunch time and I keep praying. Thank you and if you have any more thoughts or ideas, dont hesitate, Im so glad for any input
  3. Thanks a million though, I will try to figure it out. Sending a big beer!
  4. I was thinking taking the pic from behind with the "transparent shoe" inside, and flipping it and dodging - but it might be just to really get the inner part taken correctly, right? Thank you - I was on a wrong track!
  5. Its more visible on the third picture on the link I sent - you can clearly see the inside of two shoes close to each other. Im lost.
  6. Hi Damien, thank you so much for having a look! Its pretty similar...I just have no clue how to show the inside I mean my photo is not similar to the finished one, just the ribbons
  7. Hi Damien, I need your help so bad! Last time I was here I sent you something just for a beer, well this time I am paying whatever you want I need to do a product photo like this: https://www.parallele.com/fr/souliers-plats/1966-boneo-deauvillekid-navy.html How the hell do I shoot and retouch to get the ribbons floatin like this? How coudl I remove the "transparent" shoe inside while keeping the details from the inside? Thank you so much, if you wish to talk in private, feel free - I will pay anytime anything (well almost:))) you ask, I just want so badly to get this done well. Have a great day, best regards Iva
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