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  1. Chris Majoroff

    Getting out of Aperture

    ok, thanks. i do that so i can find them. i will clean it up
  2. Chris Majoroff

    Getting out of Aperture

    for my laptop i have saved them in a folder on a hard drive, the whole aperture library. a guy from apple did it for me. i also have another library on my desktop but when i want to open a photo thats how i do it. i have saved some in my pictures and i can open them in bridge from there. just wasnt sure how to save around 60,000 photos and not lose the edits. i need a lunch break and brain break. back soon and thanks for any help you can give me
  3. Chris Majoroff

    Getting out of Aperture

    yes, i have got that far on both home and laptop computers and mobile app now. i am reading through the beginning set up stuff now
  4. Chris Majoroff

    Getting out of Aperture

    yes i have CC
  5. hi, i have only really edited on Aperture since learning computers a few years ago and know nothing much else. my friend said i have to learn bridge so here i am. my question is, all my photos are saved in Aperture so if i get rid of that, where and how do i save all my photos, including the edits which are in Aperture? thanks
  6. Chris Majoroff

    Say hello!

    hi, brand new to this and have yet to work it all out so hello. hopefully i won't drive you nuts with questions