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  1. Thanks! Wow. So when I make a selective color adjustment layer is that different than the hue/saturation layer? Because your way gives me way more control. Now I have 20 images open and going crazy lol.
  2. wow! Well it's way closer than I've been getting! I can't believe I made such a stupid mistake. Now I'm trying again in SRGB and my results are getting much much closer. Still trying to figure out the deep rich greens. And maybe I just suck at lighting but I can never make the skin look so creamy. Thanks Damien! This is 10 billion times better than the mess I was making...
  3. aww crud. Is that really what the problem has been this whole time? yearghhhh I thought I always keep them in sRGB!!!
  4. I've tried it every which way and I just cannot figure out how this photographer colors their images! I tried to pick a photo similar to work on I hope this works. Almost all of this photographers outdoor family sessions have this beautiful coloring. Goldeny peachy skin tones with I THINK a blueish shadow? Sometimes even pinkish highlights... if you scroll through their photos there are millions with these colorings that I just can't replicate! Do you think they are presets? I've tried level, color balance, youtube tutorials, lightroom color adjustments... I just can't figure this out! Especially the skin tones get messed up when I try it, but I don't think she is masking it over only certain areas... Help me obi-wan-damien! you're my only hope! Thanks!!
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