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The Prepress Class is here!  If you ever do design work for CMYK printing, this class teaches you everything you need to know.  Perfect press printing every time.


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  1. I found this site, it looks like she only uses one studio light, some of these look like an umbrella, set at the 12:00 position https://www.lensculture.com/projects/520181-the-soul-searching If this isn't okay to post, let me know and I can delete it
  2. This is natural light, see that sharpness, but I don't even want to call it sharpness, there's just something about it, maybe clarity. I've tried using the high pass, but I just can't get that look
  3. I haven't. She does teach workshops, so I am assuming that she keeps that info for her attendees only. I've been playing around, I think she dodges and burns a little more, or maybe it is the modifier, but I want to say, I think I see that she uses natural light as well. This is another play I did. I feel like if I dodge/burn a little more, maybe it will look something like that?
  4. Does this work? It took so many steps to get there. I wish there was an easier way to dodge and burn. I feel like it's still missing something
  5. Not at all! Did you do a blur? I feel like that's throwing me off, I almost think she does a clarity or high pass layer, but I can't figure out what else she does! I know it's some Dodge and Burn too
  6. Not offended at all! The lighting in the second photo is so different anyway, I figured I was going to have to change it. Is this better? https://www.facebook.com/paulinaduczmanphotography/photos/a.802067136571350/2071259782985406/?type=3&theater
  7. I think this photo may work, I did do some retouching of her skin, she had some acne I had to clean up
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