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  1. Hope this is what you need!
  2. Hi I have over 200 photos for a family wedding (luckily I'm not being paid - I'm a pet photographer by trade!) and I didn't take them with my normal Canon 60D but a Canon bridge camera - easier to travel with when going abroad. Stupidly I didn't check the ISO settings and it appears for some reason I'd set it to 800. The wedding was in Thailand so great light! I've attached a SOOC shot as an example of how most of them have come out, which obviously needs some work in terms of cropping but it shows the noise. I shot in RAW and work with Photoshop (preferably Elements). Are the photos recoverable? What do I need to do please? Thanks for your help. thanks Louise
  3. Hi, thanks for all you do. Looking forward to learning more and some classes
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