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  1. Ok thanks, I am desperate to find a solution and hoped maybe some higher level of expertise could be applied to this problem. It is truly a nightmare for Premiere Pro users on imac 5K. Makes it virtually impossible to use. Thanks for trying
  2. Yes looks fine... here is a very small sample of other conversations in a Premiere Pro forum regarding Color Management and the 5K iMac Retina Display. This is a huge problem. I came here only to see if you had ever heard of this and maybe had a solution. Easier to just say you have no idea how to fix this than keep talking about comparing prints from a photo lab or 1-hour printer or wherever! My profile is perfect! Please go ahead and delete this if you feel there may be any issues with copyright I don't know how else to explain this to you. *************** Although this has restricted the colour space to rec 709 it seems to be clipping luma in the program/source window to video levels. This is perceptual, the data is still there, it's just displaying the video within Premiere incorrectly. On render everything is output correctly using data levels so any visual adjustments made in Premiere (i.e. using Lumetri) are incorrect. This can be easily seen by generating bars and tone. The scopes show that the 4% above black bar is there but this is being crushed down on the viewing window. It returns to being visible on all exports across multiple devices. It's just the viewing windows in Premiere. Expected behaviour: when using 'Enable Display Color Management' the Program / Source windows use the data luma range and rec.709 colour space in order to be able to grade on a GUI monitor for web delivery. *************** Not fixed. The checkbox does change the colour, but makes everything too dark and doesnt match output file on imac 5k. *************** Using an iMac Pro and checking the box makes a difference, but it still does not match the output file. *************** any news on this ? I need this fixed! Does anyone have a temporary solution? I’m that close to switching my whole team to final cut. *************** Is there a setting on the imac display profile (Like Rec.709 option) that you can temporarily switch to for grading accurately? That would be a decent solution. *************** I see that this has been under review since April 2018. Can you please give an indication whether this is truly in the pipeline? I personally know of several editors making the switch away from Premiere Pro as they have already invested in their iMac Pros and cannot afford a broadcast calibrated monitor. Thanks *************** We have a 5k imac and a supped up PC and we cannot ever grade on the iMac. Such a bummer. I'm glad to know it's an issue with all newer (P3) iMacs but it surprises me that Adobe hasn't already jumped on this since these 5k displays have been out for years. Cmon Adobe! *************** Dear John Doe...many many thanks. Much consternation among Mac users over this. Hopefully you will act quickly before Mac user opt for another NLE.
  3. I don't know know what that means... I'm on a mac and therefore I'm using QT Player for viewing all .mov and .mp4 files.
  4. Well it it doesn't seem to matter, nothing is working. I'm going back to FCP... thanks for your time.
  5. I'm not having a problem with prints. They look just fine as always. Again, I am not having a problem with my normal, everyday use monitor profile (the one I use for photography) only the Rec-709 profile that I use with Adobe Premiere. I change profiles when using Premiere because it requires a different calibration (curve?) I don't know exactly what the difference is but it is different, and I would never use the Rec-709 profile for Photooshop, Lightroom, printing, etc! The problem I am having is with Premiere (or maybe Apple) and it's handling of profiles when used with Premiere Pro on a 5K Retina Display. The Adobe forums are full of users with this issue! I came here hoping someone may have found a solution. Again, I am not having a problem with Photo Printing whatsoever. I can confirm that my Photography Profile is Perfect with Prints!
  6. Thanks for your time but I need to move on and find an answer to this bazaar issue. Perfect 4-Color printing is all the proof I need that my normally calibrated photography and design profile is good, and besides, since the profiles for VIDEO (REC-709) and PHOTOGRAPHY are completely different color spaces, I absolutely guarantee you that any prints made after Lightroom tweaks using rec-709 would look strange to say the least!
  7. I am a photographer (since 1985) I didn't confirm with prints because I use the same machine for photography and 4 -color printing. I have no problems with my normal, standard profile regarding my daily activities. The problem is profiling for use with Adobe Premiere and video editing. I mentioned that I might have to switch back to FCP but I'd really like to figure out why Premiere is causing such a problem. Besides, I have the full Adobe CC suite and FCP, plus Compressor would cost a ton!!!
  8. No, I compared the image in the Premiere Timeline with the actual video from my 80D, played on QT Player on my 5K Retina display with my regular/normal monitor profile. Premiere is making things appear too dark and oversaturated no matter which profile I have selected for the monitor. I spoke with Tech support at X-Rite this morning and they said to definitely use D65 as target white point since that is the industry standard spec. They did not have any idea why the weird colors. The Adobe forums continue to claim that there is a problem with profile handling between Premiere and Apple. One other odd thing I notice is that when I calibrate to Rec. 709 (D65) workflow, the created profile has an ever so slight green tint vs. my normal straight monitor profile which is also set at D65. 3 Profile attempts at Rec 709 with varying Luminance (80, 100, 120) seems to make no difference in color or contrast. I am using the advanced mode with a rev. B i1 profiler pro and software 3.0 and choosing version 2, and Large Patch size (461) for improved accuracy.Tech support says the "linear-display.icc" profile is installed and used automatically. That's good to know!
  9. I have an iMac 5K Retina Display and I am having huge problems with color accuracy in Adobe Premiere. I have calibrated with i1 Display Pro, followed Damiens Tutorial, and tweaked like crazy. I just cannot get the video footage in Premiere to look even close to normal. The imported footage looks too dark and oversaturated no matter which profile I choose. I have even tried calibrating too Rec. 709 with the i1 Display calibrator. Is anyone successfully editing in Premiere Pro on a 5K iMac with Retina Display? Please let me know how you solved this problem. There are countless posts on the internet regarding this issue, but no real solutions that I can find. Maybe I need to switch to FCP because I am most certainly not switching to PC!
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