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  1. Ok great. I can always purchase a better EHD if needed. I thought I was getting a good one when I purchased. I didn’t know about the thunderbolt part. But now I do! So am I ok to continue as I am. All should be good?! * here is a screen shot of the time machine on my Mac. Hopefully this is right, when you said exclude the drives from the back up list. They were already in the list so I just hit save.
  2. Brian , this is the back of my Mac. So I guess the answer is I have the thunderbolt 3 port. But I’m not sure about how to connect the G-drive since the connector cable is a usb style. Is there a converter cable I should use ? let me know what I should do?
  3. Any idea what I should choose here ? This was on the screen when I got home from work.
  4. Ok. I understand everything you are saying. I don’t know that I even need to bother with taking the ones out of Lightroom because I’ve already copied them from my internal hard drive over to the External hard drive. I created three folders on my external hard drive , actually The one you had mentioned earlier. Business personal and uploads. Under business I branched to the years that I have files for: 2018, 2019, 2020. Within each year I branched to the sessions. Each session is label starting with the year clients name, month and type of session. Example 2020_client name_march_newborn. Within this folder contains all my raw and JPEG files. I added a folder within this folder which contains that particular clients JPEG edited files. Business -2018 -2019 -2020 2018 -2018_client name_January_ newborn I will branch my 2020 tree Out more, 2018 and 2019 I only have 25 sessions between those two so there wasn’t much to catalog. Let me know your opinions or suggestions thank you
  5. I understand all of that which you told me to do in the new G-Drive. *about where they are stored now I uploaded through Lightroom and they are stored in files on my desktop-pictures- file name . Yes I know this is not a good thing but that’s why I am using bridge from sessions forward. Bridge and ps only. What’s the best way to organize ? lastly I am using a card reader to import. How does this work with the new HD?
  6. I just received my New G– technology HD, I hooked it up to the computer but I’m not sure what to do from here. The icon is already on my desktop and in my finder window under devices. What do I do from here? How do I get my pictures over to the device? Also once everything is on it , how do I work off of it in the future. I recently made a move to bridge so I’ll be working out of Bridge and PS. What will my new process of importing images be now that I have the device?
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