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The Prepress Class is here!  If you ever do design work for CMYK printing, this class teaches you everything you need to know.  Perfect press printing every time.

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  1. thankyou! The SpyderTune helped immensely. It was close but just slightly off and I am unable to change my workspace from a very well lit natural light room. Once I held my print up slightly to the get more natural light on it, I saw that it was closer than I thought, just needed some fine tuning with he SpyderTune.
  2. I just was trying to recalibrate my monitor and my images are more yellow on my prints and more pink on my monitor. I have the data color SpyderX Elite calibrator. I looked for suggestions on this particular calibrator on your site but could only find nstructions for the Spyder X Pro. I'm not sure where I'm going wrong with my calibration.
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