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  1. Thanks Damien. Off I go! Ya bloody legend. Love from New Zealand ?
  2. Ahh poo! So what do I need to do to do the course? Ideally was wanting to start with the Bridge one as you have suggested to me previously. p.s. this is the message that came up Unable to Install Bridge Sorry, Bridge won't run on your OS. To continue you'll have to upgrade. See system requirements
  3. 842gb free. To be fair, my Uncle deleted everything off it before he gave it to me. So really only has a few photos/videos and newly installed Elements.
  4. okay.. I think I've managed that! Says my computer is only faster than 11% of the computers still alive.
  5. thanks for replying! Here you go: I have a PC laptop running windows and Elements 12. It is over 3 years old, and has 4GB of RAM. Its hard drive has 843GB free out of 907GB. The last time I shut down was earlier today. I have never run a cleanup program.
  6. Hi Damien - long time follower first time website signer upper! My mission for 2020 it learn and soak in all your fantastic information and courses to help me enjoy taking and editing photos again. I've just uploaded Elements 12 to my laptop (which I kindly inherited from my Nana when she died) its not too old but I'm having a problem downloading Bridge, my OS is too old. Do you know how I could download an older version to use on your first course? Any help is appreciated. Thanks and weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I'm here for the ride! Gemma
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