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  1. I am pretty happy with that. With gradient map, and Channel mixer there is absolutely endless colour variety. Lighting is everything, then posing, so I will be playing around to see what I can achieve. Thank you.
  2. Played with the second image too.
  3. Thank you. Ok, played with quite a few things this morning. I hope she doesn't look too much like a ping pong ball.
  4. This one might be a bit better to try on.
  5. This is not so much a style, as a piece of artwork. https://pin.it/6fdjcKe hope this works. Would I start with a gradient map?
  6. Hello again, did nearly all your classes in 12 months, then I have had nearly 12 months off, now I am ready to pretty well do them all again, as there is so much info in here that not everything sticks first time around, and after playing for the last 12 mths I may have more of an idea about certain things in photoshop now that I had no idea of before. We have also bought another property up at Einasleigh in North Queensland, so lot mort photo opportunities when I go up there. Excited to be back learning.
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