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  1. Yes, it restarted. But might try again. I have to go to school pickup so will come back later. Thanks, Damien
  2. Just thinking that I may have had the device plugged into the USB while updating the software. Could that be an issue?
  3. I'm not at the PC right now to do the other but will as soon as I can.
  4. Yes, first time with this monitor. It's a Dell UP3216Q. Following your instructions from the beginning.
  5. Hi Damien, I'm calibrating a new monitor (Dell UP3216Q) as per your instructions for the i1DisplayPro on a PC. I've used your instructions many times on other monitors and never had a problem but I'm stuck. I have chosen the preset 5000k, clicked on Uniformity and followed through placing the device on all sections prompted on the screen till the finish. But instead of giving me the white point numbers and the luminance numbers for each section, it's only given me luminance values for each section of the screen. The only other thing that I did prior to starting was to upgrade the software when I was prompted. Any chance you know what has happened? thanks, Lisa
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