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confused with sizing images for a flash drive

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Hi. My first post here!!! Let's say you have a 4gb flash drive. How may images do you think it can take? Hi res images that are at an unlimited size. I'm getting very confused by this and must deliver "hi res" to a client. If I only check off the long side at 10 in. then they are not quite a true hi res in the sense that when they want to print, they are limited in size. I've got about 1600 images and it's not working even with some.

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File size in bytes (which determines how many files will fit on your drive) is different from file size in pixels (which governs whether your files are high-res enough for print outputs).  Give this a read for some basic background: http://www.damiensymonds.net/2015/08/about-jpeg-file-size.html

There is no way 1600 images will fit on a 4GB drive, unless you're seriously compromising the file quality.  I generally can fit about 900 files on an 8GB drive if I've saved them at 9 quality out of PS (or 85 quality out of LR).  And my files are always full-res, because that's what I offer to my clients when I sell digitals.

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