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File sizes different on two different Macbooks

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When I open up the same image file on my 15" Macbook Pro and on my new 13" MBP Retina they are two different sizes. I've checked everything to be sure that the Photoshop settings are the same and they are. I would think that even if they aren't the same it wouldn't change the size of the file.

Any idea why the file sizes for the same file are different on the two? The one on the left is the 15" and the one on the right is the 13".


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How did you get the file from one computer onto the other?  Did you email it to yourself?

Also, are you aware that the file as opened on your 15" is untagged?  (Can't tell about the 13" since you didn't include the title bar in your screenshot, but definitely check the color space of both!)

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