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Screen consistently too cold

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Hey Damien, 


I just followed all your calibration instructions twice over for my Macbook Pro with a Sypder5Pro, and my screen is still a tad too cool versus what I'm seeing in my prints. I'm viewing them in natural light, next to a window, with my monitor facing at an angle so that there isn't a glare. I know an iPhone isn't calibrated and thus not a good comparison, but there is a HUGE difference in color temp between what I see on my computer and what I see on my phone. Ideally, I'd like to edit on my computer, send to my phone, and be able to post on Instagram seeing the same color. There's a slightly less difference between my screen and prints, but still noticeable. The only other temp settings I see in the software are K numbers in the 5000's -  lower than my current one, which would only make my screen go colder, right? 

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There is nothing you can do about the fact that your phone looks different from your monitor. I suppose you could calibrate your phone too, but it won't change the fact that everyone else will be seeing your images on their own phones - and those screens will probably display a slight different color temp as well. The best thing for you to do is focus your efforts on calibrating your monitor to match your prints. 

First thing I'd look at is the right in your room. Is it as good as it can be? Or could it be too warm and dim? (yes, natural light can be too warm and dim)

Once you've taken care of the light in your room, I'd go down to the bottom of the tutorial and look at the troubleshooting section. http://www.damiensymonds.net/cal_S5P_mac.html
Since you feel your monitor is cooler compared to your prints, I'd try using the next lower kelvin value and follow the instructions for recalibrating from that point. 

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10 minutes ago, lucillephoto said:

Wouldn't using a lower Kelvin value make my screen even colder than it already is, and further away from my prints? 

No, lower numbers are warmer. It's the opposite of what you're use to seeing in ACR or LR.

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