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Sharpening for Print in a Photo Book

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I typically do a high-pass sharpen process for all of my prints. (The process includes re-sizing the image to the specific print size. Next, I duplicate the background and do a high-pass of .4 pixels and change the layer to linear light. I then save as a jpeg.)

I haven't produced a photo book yet. I'm wondering if I should be sharpening my images in this way and then using those jpegs on sites like Adoramapix to design and produce the books.  Should I sharpen for the largest print size that the image might be used at in the book and not worry if I shrink/adjust the size of the image on the page? I'm concerned that I might have an unexpected outcome. (i.e., too sharp) 

Thank you for your time.

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Damien answers this question in detail in the Print Sharpening class. If you are currently a student, then please refer to the material in the class and post your question there if you still are unsure. 

If you aren't a current student, I highly recommend it. :)

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