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Hi so sorry if this question was already asked.  I'm still trying to figure out this new website.  I just got a new computer and it definitely needs calibration  I do photography as a hobby for MYSELF and family therefore don't print at a pro-lab.  My question is what is the best calibrator and should I still follow your instructions or should I stick with the the manufactures instructions?  I usually print (and please don't kill me) at my local drug store. 

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I'll get the "what to buy" link in a few. But you can search for it at damiensymonds.net if you don't want to wait.

Yes, please follow Damien's instructions. The manufacturers instructions are virtually useless.

Not all prolabs require you to be a business owner. WHCC is the first one that comes to mind that also serves the public, but there are others. I'd definitely recommend a pro lab over your local drugstore for calibration just so our have your best chance at consistency. 

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