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Seeking to Outsource Editing

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Hello! I'm looking to outsource my editing. I do 1-2 sessions a month, occasionally more especially in the summer and fall - I'll cull, you'd edit around 20-30 raw photos per session. I'd like the layered photoshop file in return. Does anyone do this, or know of someone who does, employing Damien's levels and masks methods?  Pay is flexible depending on skill.

You can see my most recent work on my site, http://www.erinniehenke.com, or my Facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/erinniehenkephotography.

Thank you!

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Hello ,


        I am Joe Brassfield my degree is in Commercial Photography my Email is Joe@brassfieldphotography.com my number is 615.571.5253 I own a studio yet my main focus is retouching and photo composition for my team. Im here if you need any help with anything.


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Thank you all for your responses!  If you could email me with the following info, that'd be great - my email address is admin@erinniehenke.com.

1. Have you taken Damien's Raw and Levels classes?

2. Do you have a calibrated monitor, and if so, which print lab are you calibrated to?

3. Do you have a website or facebook page so I can see current work?

4. What do you charge?

Thank you all so much!

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