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I recently bought an iMac 21.5" late 2015 model due to the color calibration on my HP laptop being so bad. Then put my RAW files on a flash drive to transfer over to my iMac. But when I open the images in Photoshop CC 2015 they are a jpeg. How do I fix this?? 

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Can you walk us through it all a bit more in-depth?

- You're certain these files were RAW files on your HP laptop?  (They had the .CR2 or .NEF or .DNG file extension when you viewed them in Windows Explorer?)

- Then how did you copy them from your laptop onto the flash drive -- using what program, what commands, etc.?

- Once you plugged the flash drive into your new iMac, how did you copy the files onto your new hard drive?  Not using the Photos/iPhoto program, right?  Right??  Never ever ever let Photos/iPhoto touch your raw files!

- Once they were copied onto your new iMac hard drive, how did you open them in Photoshop?  Via Bridge, or what?

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