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Current Brightness won't go higher than 60

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I've gone through the instructions repeatedly and I'm flubbing something up.

I cannot get the current brightness in range of the target.  If I up the monitor to 100%, it will only move to 60 in the brightness step of the calibration.  When the calibration is finished, the screen is way brighter than my prints.  I need to lower it to the 30-40% range in order for the brightness to be similar to the prints.  

I'm certain I'm missing something incredibly simple.  Please talk to me like I'm a kindergartener.  Thanks!

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I'm not sure why your brightness won't reach the target, or even go way above it. With your screen way brighter than the prints I'd think it would measure higher when you're calibrating. 

But, regardless, you should leave it where it matches your prints, and take a good look at your lighting to make sure it's white and bright enough. :) (and that there is no glare on the computer)

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