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Need HELP calibrating 27 iMac 5k with Spyder4pro and Whitehouse Print lab prints

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I just got a new 27 iMac 5k.  So I am trying to calibrate with Spyder4pro, but my prints are a little bit darker and a little warmer than my screen.  I can't figure out how to my my screen warmer and darker.  I read everything I could find and I searched but still not sure what to change.  My Mac settings built in retina display were set to wide gamut RGB.  I chose wide gamut and RGB on my Spyder4pro options. 

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That is correct, I followed his instructions.  I actually just looked at my images from Whitehouse printing and they are too warm.  I just went to the other room to grab some prints I had printed at Artsy Couture and they are VERY close just a tiny bit more pink.  I would prefer to use Whitehouse lab as they have a much faster turn around time but I don't know how to adjust my monitor to match my prints. 

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