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How do you make Bridge the default app to open photos on iMac? TIA!

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What kind of ancient operating system are you running to have avoided iPhoto/Photos being the default application for your photo files?? ;)

Are you sure it's not Photos or iPhoto that's the default program?  (If it is, Brian laid out in great detail exactly how to stop Photos from automatically opening here.)

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I don't use a card reader, i normally plugin my camera to the computer and use EOS to move files. Could that possibly why?

i haven't used Bridge, Damien recommended using it so I wanna try.

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Just open Bridge, and use it to navigate to your files.  Simple as that.

Watch this video for tips on how to handle your files.  (And seriously, get a card reader -- using a cable to hook your camera up to the computer is slower and more prone to file corruption and worse for your cards.)

And then this video for a basic introduction into using Bridge for your workflow management.

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