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How to Crop without Cropping


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Hello, I am editing some maternity photos that the mother would like printed on canvases.  She is going to display them in a collage on the nursery wall.

My question is, how do I crop the photos to the preset canvas sizes without cutting out part of the photo.

I have attached:

1. The original photo with the baby's dress and the 8 X 10 canvas crop that I did where part of the dress gets cut off.

2.  The original photo of mother and father and the 20 X 24 canvas crop that I did where their legs get cut off.


01312016 Carolina Martinez 8 Months (735) 8 X 10 CROP 2.jpg

01312016 Carolina Martinez 8 Months (735) EDIT.jpg

DSC_0300 20 X 24 CROP.jpg


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