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enlargements and image resolution

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I read your articles about enlargements but I am still a little confused.  I understand the concept that the focus is the most important and you can print as big as you like.  I have an image I would like to print 40x60cm (that’s around 16x24 in).  The dimensions are 5760px x 3988px.  When “resample” is unchecked, the resolution is 217.  The eyes in this image are in focus, but I didn’t quite understand- were you saying I should leave this image at 217 or upscale to 300? This picture will be hanging next to other pictures which are fine printing at 300 ppi.

Thank you!

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If you have at least 6MP (which you do), and the image is in good focus and good quality, that means you can safely *enlarge* the file to print as large as you'd like. 

So you'd prep this file for print by cropping it to the exact size and shape needed for this print (40x60cm at the lab's minimum required PPI), then sharpen for that output size, and you're set!

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