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  1. Hadn't thought about the fringes of the scarf. I'll take your advice and abandon the idea. As an afterthought, had I used a solid color background to begin with when taking the photo (of a color that didn't appear elsewhere), could I then do a selective color substitution to change the backgroun to some other color?
  2. Damien, To change the background of this portrait, how would I handle the holey part of the hat brim? Does it require painstaking one-by-one masking of the holes?
  3. That seems to have fixed the problem. Now my selected color profile remains as the default. Thanks.
  4. I have an annoying problem with the color profile for the monitor of my Dell Precision 5720 computer. Whenever I shut down and restart the computer, the color profile defaults to one called LGD024D_adobe6500.icm. If I open Bridge with this color profile selected and select an image folder, all the displayed images are totally blank. If I switch from this default color profile to one I created when I calibrated the monitor, everything is OK, and I can see all the images. However, the problem returns when I restart my computer after a restart. I tried making my profile as the default, but this gets reset back to the LGD024D profile after shutdown and restart. I even tried removing the LGD024D profile altogether (using the Windows Color Management option), but it keeps reappearing as the default setting after shutdown and restart. Any idea on what's going on and how I could fix it.
  5. For "Deluxe" membership, is there a particular location and procedure for submission of photos for your review/comment/critique?
  6. I think I have committed an unretrievable operation. I opened a previously edited photo in Camera Raw, and then clicked the button that showed me the original image (before editing). I then opened this in Photoshop rather than opening a copy. Does this mean I have lost all my editing steps (white balance, exposure, blacks, whites, etc.), never to be recovered? I did save a PSD version of the edited photo at an earlier time, so at least I can still see what my previous editing produced.
  7. If I take a number of photos of a particular subject for the purpose of focus stacking, should the individual photos be edited in Camera Raw before taking them to Photoshop for stacking and final processing? If so, should one image be edited as required to get the best appearance and then copy the editing adjustments to the other photos?
  8. Well, bugger me! I found the latest graphics card driver and installed it - now everything seems to be working properly again. Based on the progression of my issues, this would have been the last thing I would have thought of doing. My utmost thanks to you. (I will follow up with running a clean up program)
  9. I haven't. Not sure where to go look. The problem has got even worse in the last 1/2 hour. Now I can't open Bridge or PS at all. When I try to open Bridge, nothing happens except a chime sounds. When I try to open PS, the initial logo page comes up but then I get crash report. I've sent the crash report with comments to Adobe. Not sure how responsive they will be.
  10. I'm now also seeing something that I think is not right in Photoshop. I seem to recall that when I selected a brush, e.g. a soft round brush, a "squiggly line" pictorial of it showed up in the brush panel. Now this is also blank.
  11. Yes, I have restarted my computer a couple of times since I first had the problem, but that didn't fix it.
  12. I first noticed it yesterday. I had previously gone through your Bridge and Camera Raw classes, as well as module 1 of the Layers & Masks class without any problem. One time when I opened Bridge while I was part way through module 2 of the L & M class, the blank images appeared, and have been doing so every time I have opened Bridge since.
  13. I have a PC desktop running Windows 10 and Photoshop 2021. It is under 2 years old, and has 16GB of RAM. Its hard drive has 345GB free out of 475GB. The last time I shut down was more than 24 hours ago. I have never run a cleanup program.
  14. It's not just when I'm looking at images an my SD card; the same problem exists when I look at any folder already on my computer. However, something I just noticed is that, when I first click on a folder, the images appear very briefly but then quickly change to blank. I didn't notice this before because it happens so quickly.
  15. Same issue with the Preview panel. If I select images from the Content panel (even though they are blank) , they will open in Camera Raw as normal. Do you think uninstalling and re-installing Bridge would be prudent?
  16. All of a sudden, when I select an image folder in Bridge, all the content thumbnails are blank (displayed as solid white). Any idea why this is happening and how to fix it?
  17. Have done this, but no significant change. Tried again with luminance reduced to 80, but fundamentally the same result. If there's no way to fix the problem, I'll just used my second (now calibrated) monitor for the color edits.
  18. This improved things. I'm pretty happy now with the comparison between monitor and prints. Even got approval from my wife (she's got a much better eye for color than I do). The monitor I calibrated is my second monitor. The monitor that came integral with the computer does not have any manual control over brightness, contrast or colors. I'm not sure how to approach calibration for this. At present, colors are way too vibrant and saturated.
  19. Not too bad, colors are fairly close, but images on the monitor appear somewhat brighter. I tried adding a Brightness/Contrast adjustment layer in Photoshop and got generally better match with the prints if I reduced brightness somewhat and lowered the contrast by a smaller amount. Does this suggest I should change initial settings for calibration?
  20. I see the instruction now to switch to Advanced. I found the "warm" color setting on my monitor to give closest to 6500K (actually ranged from 6526-6769K). Process seemed to go smoothly, but not too sure of the end result - the "achieved" white point was 7442K. Maybe I did something wrong and should try again. The curves looked good in that there was no separation.
  21. Sorry for the question above, but I think I'm OK now. I just noticed that there are Basic and an Advanced selection buttons on the Home page. I was on Basic. When I switched to Advanced, I found the selection for checking uniformity and can now follow along with your instructions.
  22. My i1 Pro app has screens that differ from the ones you show. The first screen I get after selecting Display Profiling on home page looks like this: If I hover over any element in the Display Settings panel (e.g. White Point, Luminance , or Gamma), so comments on suggested settings show up in the Help panel. Not sure what to do here for these settings.
  23. In your instructions, you list color settings of Warm, Normal and Cool. The first monitor I'm calibrating (a Dell) has color settings of Warm, Standard, Comfort View and Cool. Should I ignore Comfort View and use Standard in place of Normal?
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