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I'll be away for most of Thursday (Aussie time) (approx Wednesday evening USA time). So sorry about the short notice.  I'll catch up on all posts when I get back.  Damien.


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  1. Been out of town so not far!! & yes we do!
  2. I recognize this. It's the one that told me I was screwed before so I suppose I have my answer. Thanks so much I only have 90 files to go through. 🥺 Am I able now to continue with the layers class?
  3. As I admitted before they went through light room then to photoshop. Saved as jpegs from Photoshop. That's why I am asking if i r e edit through the proper and preferred systems will they have more correct color? To be clear, raw work yes, then Photoshop.
  4. Got it. Thank you! So should I re-edit all of the photos done incorrectly prior in this session to get better results?
  5. Raw file from Bride, sorry for the possible duplicate, wouldn't let me Edit or..I was doing it wrong.
  6. ooops time to go yo work again..another day.
  7. So where do I go from here. Not using lightroom any longer. Pull all photos from disk into ____? or____Just tell me, what IS or should be my RAW program. I will use it. I am ready to learn and start from scratch but your short answers are not helpful at all.
  8. How about Layers and Masks. Its what I signed up for and paid for. Why is it still going to that if I changed my colorspace? When saving my ICC profile also shows ProPhoto RGB cannot save or change it to
  9. Well instead of saying OF COURSE, why didn't you just say that. I truly feel there needs to be a required course on how to speak to you. I understand I am to figure things out and I am willing, but this communication is frustrating. No, I cant read your mind or into what you are trying to say at 2am. With an hour delay in posts I feel like I am wasting SO MUCH time..just waiting for straight answers. I have to sleep. Truly this is going to take forever. Why is it still going to that if I changed my colorspace? When saving my ICC profile also shows ProPhoto RGB cannot save or change it to
  10. Well its 2am and I work a double in 5 hours. I asked if it was technically the problem? or just that you don't like it. I wish asking a question wasn't so hard. I get its the problem because in there I didn't have it set at the same thing. Figured that out on my own. Now showing the same in my Doc Profile..I have more of these horrible photos to deal with on top of this so this will just have to continue another day. Goodnight.
  11. I did finish the Bridge Class. Lightroom comes with my subscription as well, though I could "not use it". Is the installation of LR causing the problem? If not, I feel its going to take forever to learn Photoshop so don't take photos till then? Forever not only because I am faster to learn visually- really trying to navigate your site! but because I cant afford ALL the classes at once and I work 7 days a week plus our time difference..I signed up for this class almost a week ago and not even in it yet!
  12. Usually Lightroom then open in / finish & save copy with Photoshop. I know LR not your favorite but I know how to work it. Photoshop only if I can get by with layers and a few other things I know how to navigate.
  13. So I have read this article to the end and still don't understand how to get to the correct showing of the sRGB... is there a video on how to correct or start from scratch to achieve this? I also cannt save any photos to CCProfile under color to sRGB......mine STILL says ICC Profile ProPhoto and no option to change it. I also don't have the box that says Embeded color profile OR Always optomize colors for computer screens. Can you Clarify where I should see these?
  14. Read the article and it says I am screwed on the photo to troubleshoot, so started over in RAW and now I am out of Pro, but still don't know how that happened or if I am in the correct space now. Here is the last screenshot from RAW
  15. Even though I changed to srgb Still shows the ProPhoto next to my document Profile. here is my screen in which I saved the option and then all of my other options. What am I doing (or not doing) to get this set correctly-OFF of ProPhoto. Is the option to switch not in this window? also tried clicking on it and just shows me its info.
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