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  1. I had done it but have now added more. Does the NR make a difference to the removal of the fly aways?
  2. I should add I have already burned the area a bit with a soft light layer, not sure if that was a bad idea?
  3. Hi any advise on how to minimise the flyaway / broken hairs? I've tried dust and scratches filter but I found it made the area look too different in texture as it was hard to mask to just the individual hairs themselves. thanks Y
  4. Hi Brian When you guys put links on to aussie Amazon, it can be hard to find the same thing on the UK site, it usually just lists loads of dells so not very helpful to find the exact same one. I want to buy a monitor, had previously planned to buy a BenQ sw270c based on some 'best bang for your buck' review. But I read you don't rate that brand for ease of calibration, and that's the bane of my life! So looking at Dell Ultrasharps. This one seems strangely cheaper than others which seem similar but £600+ Am I missing anything, does it look ok? DELL ULTRASHARP 27 MONITOR- U2722D - 68.47CM (27) https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B08ZJ79Y27/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_fabc_ZK67W0TDTTG8MX0TKJYS Thanks
  5. great that seems to work, thank you so much for your help, I don't know how I would figure these things out by myself, it's sooooo hard when you are still learning!!
  6. ok so in running the action during Image Processor, if I haven't duplicated the file in the action, what happens to my original file once Image Processor has done its thing?
  7. Hi thanks for this, ok so I've now left the saving to the Image Processor, but I'm getting an error message at the end. I'm thinking that it's because I'm running image processor on the original file name, but my action involves duplicating the file so it's called something else. I am really stumped with this one! I guess I can leave out the duplicate file stage but I'm really nervous that I'd forget and save the changes to my original file!
  8. I've been trying to figure this out all afternoon, with not much luck, some methods overwrite eachother so that I was left with just one file! Then the next time I set it up there was no crop applied. why knows... hopefully all this time will make me faster in future!!! I've attached a screenshot which I really thought might work - action steps shown and save settings in Image Processor. But it goes all the way through, asks me about all the crops, and then gives me an error message at the end saying sorry I couldn't do it 🥴
  9. further to this, if I use Image Processor to automate the saving of a batch of files for the web, and run an action that already has saving built in (like the one I am trying to build above), does it use the pixel settings in the action save as options, as I don't see the option to control this in Image Processor. And if I have set the quality as part of the action save as options, what quality should I select in the Image Processor? I'm worried about screwing up the quality by inadvertently doing something twice, or is that not possible? sorry for all the questions, Googling is not really helping..
  10. Hi Damien I'm confused (again!) I am working on making actions to save my images in an efficient way. These are for clients who require digitals ready for social media or their website so I'm not watermarking them. I am unpicking your watermark action and your actions tutorial to make ones for myself. But i'm a bit confused as to the difference between cropping and resizing and fit image and what the different circumstances might be, as mentioned in your sharpen for web tutorial: "To resize I use either the Crop Tool, the Image Size dialog, or Fit Image, depending on the circumstances" So I'm thinking I need to record: duplicate image, flatten, crop (with pause to choose the area), fit image, sharpen, save for web My question is re the crop and the refit - eg for a web page which has spec of 1200 x 550 px, do I put that ratio in the crop options, and then put 1200 x 1200 in the fit image options? and I have no idea where image resize dialogue box comes into it (or not!) thanks
  11. Hopefully a month or two, lots of stuff to get rid of, cupboard to turn into a desk area... (small house) At that point I will be buying a new monitor too so hopefully better all round
  12. I'm in a bit of a muddle as after the 2nd last calibration to match my prints, I re-edited the picture to make it look more like I intended it to. So this time I was comparing a slightly different edit. To make matters worse I have had to send it anyway so I no longer have it 😫 I was already delayed on the postal as there was physical damage on the first print (a tiny speck of something which gave me a reason to try to make it better on the reprint) which meant even tho the old one looked better I had to send the new one. My husband said the new one looked great so hopefully a non- expert eye won't find fault. The others in the batch I was happy enough with so I didn't reprint.
  13. Sorry Damien, me again. I recalibrated based on my last prints, now the next batch have arrived and they are actually worse. Having a hell of a time getting it right! I now have done it again, at 7500 and brightness 55, with a fine tune adjustment toward magenta, and it's closer but still not perfect I don't think. I see above you say if you need to go below 70 then your room must be too dark? But I'm making my screen darker by lowering it, right? I do edit in daylight in a not particularly bright room, so I have done the calibration in another brighter north facing room which will be my office once I get it set up. (closing the curtains at the right time). Is this in itself causing an issue, calibrating and checking in a brighter room? It's almost at it's minimum brightness (4%) and I think the prints arguably still look darker or at least greyer in the skin than my screen does. Any further advice before I just throw out the screen? It's quite frustrating!
  14. Is this link still live? I'd like to have a look and nothing happens when I click the download button. ta
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