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  1. This is such good and informative message. I have learned honestly to reach out to people that are not locals or who has retired from photography. Some of people that I use to work with at a photography studio is all doing the same thing and may look at me as a potential threat due to us being in the same field and working amongst each other. I will continue to do the Bridge class followed by the Raw class and then Mask and Layering. I tend to have about 50-70 images for clients and I know that is way waaaay to many images but listening to others and saying in person sales is not that important. Well once I came to the conclusion of listening to myself and finding my own style and technique and doing things how I want them to be done.
  2. Thank you for letting me know what future settings to use and to what I need to start doing. When I edit this family session, I didn't use Photoshop at all and only used LR. PS is something that I just recently wanted to dive into because I feel it is NEEDED for photography and wanting to have some sort of knowledge of it. I was told that PS isn't needed and how some don't use it, but I want to. I asked a photographer friend about settings I was told to be around there somehow, but now I know how incorrect the was. Even after the client informed me know that her quality was poor because she was unable to print 10x13, 16x20 and larger, I asked for help and was told it was my focus issue, then lens issue. Now I know not to listen to someone who may look at me as competition.
  3. Ok, I will come back tmrw and finish this. Ive been at the computer for about 8 hours now!
  4. So with proper editing is there a way to upload them properly?
  5. Yes, I plan to finish BR soon! wishing the next week or so. Ive been taking a lot of notes and just practicing on old images to get the gist of things.
  6. I honestly will. I am starting to become a photographer independently and really want and need to learn PS. Im straying away from the other program that you do not like lol.
  7. Honestly, you have truly made my night🥰🥰 I still not familiar with PS at all but I got to figure out how to edit them properly but I will start figuring it out now so I can resend to the client as she will not be expecting the images as I told her we will reshoot but she has to get her family together again.
  8. The original files needed to be put in PS as I needed to expand the background. I friend of mines did it for me as I didn't know anything about photoshop.
  9. I didn't do it ...WE DID IT!🥰🥰 But the client was unable to print a wall portrait because it was out of focus and very soft. I tried to have someone assist me and they told me that I would have to retake the session due to poor quality.
  10. Hey, so I found the file it is under DNG but when I tried to upload it its says -200 with an error and unable to let me send, so I send this shot so you can see I was able to accomplish it!!!!
  11. No what do I change my settings back to🤔 its still on the w700px h700px. I was just about to say what about the family lol... No I haven't
  12. VERY MUCH SO!! LOL! Since this image was able to be full screen it was a breeze honestly but with the other image I struggled because of the file size to achieve what you were looking for!
  13. LOL! Ok but the image of the adult lady wasn't a concern of mines, more so the group image that I struggle with the focus. However all those images are in Jpeg format and the adult lady and the child are in Tiff files.
  14. Ok! So with the images that I been struggling to send the correct way, is the reason why the upload could Jpeg be an issue?
  15. Ok, so I went through some of my images that I have on my computer and I have some files that are TIFF's and some that are Jpegs. I notice that my Tiff files gives the full screen and the jpegs doesn't. I have always shot in RAW so unsure as to way it is the way it is. I will send a couple of screenshots for you.
  16. Hold on. I think I figured something out!
  17. These are the original raw files from my camera. The image turned b/w when I screenshot it but this is how I took the image. Also my name is at the bottom of the image as it was on my camera. I am trying to help you guys also:-)
  18. Ok. This is the image I have saved on my computer from this session. I struggled with the focus of the image and I'm not sure as to why its this small. How can I upload it to be a larger file? Good thing Im learning some of this stuff now lol
  19. I really really truly thank you for being so patient with me 🙂
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