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  1. From earlier comments with the image
  2. Hey, I tried the full and it still wasn't correct 😞
  3. Ok so I screenshot the screen so you can see what I have on my end and make sure the all my settings are correct. Even when I try to save it it continues to do this. Also, when I screenshot it all of a sudden it turned Black and white.
  4. LOL, Your RIGHT! I will try again...
  5. If this is incorrect I give up lol. I followed the steps correctly and hopes that this is correct.
  6. Lets hope this is it😩 I believe 3 was there by default. However I did change it to 10. Every time I upload the image the lines/box are no longer there. I apologize that I can't seem to get it correct!
  7. Hey, this is what is appearing on me end as I go to save it. I am following all the steps needed but I may be missing something. May you please help with what I need to do or don't do when uploading the file? Thanks again πŸ™‚
  8. Hey there, I uploading it using the information you provided. Let me know if I did it correct or if I will have to do it again. Thanks a bunch!
  9. Hey there, I was able to save it as Jpeg but unable to attach it. Im going to continue to try to upload it for you.
  10. Hey there, sorry for the delay. I've been super busy today. I no longer have the file on hand as this was so long ago. Like over six months ago. I would try to find it and upload it. Also, you want me to upload using Bridge or Adobe PS or does it not matter. Im not fully aware of how to use Bridge or PS yet.
  11. for this session I was using a Neewer Speedlite Nw-670
  12. Hey there, so sorry for the late response to my questions several weeks ago. I have attach one of the image that the focus was off on the image. I was using at the time of the session a Canon 6d with a 50mm 1.8 with an external flash. I thought that I was using the Tamron but realize I didn't have the lens then. Any way to achieve a look for a sharpness? Thanks a bunch!
  13. Hey, thanks so much for the feedback. I appreciate it. My external flash was ok but to me was a little flat. My camera was a regular 6d. I know have the Mark 6d with a 24-70 lens and I often times still fall short on getting images all in focus. When I review the image in camera when I go around f8 or f11 the images start to look very noisy. I do good with couples, infants or family 5 and under but when it's larger I tends to miss focus. I still practice with my camera and still understanding it. I will try to upload the image later. I've tried twice to upload it but it continues to fail.
  14. Hey Brian, thanks so much for the information on the lenses. I do think that I was just at a low aperture for the amount of subjects I had. I also was using an external flash that I felt like wasn't enough light as well. Any images smaller then an 8x10 was fine but anything larger was very pixilated. I tends to miss focus on subjects and its a struggle that I continue to try and perfect at all times. Often times I get it but when its several subjects (4-5plus) I tend to miss my focus points or someone is in coccus while others are out or "soft". Im currently only have a Tampon 24-70 2.8 and a Canon 50mm. Im not sure if using back button focus will somewhat solve my problem or some single point focus or what. I know now that with any groups making sure that I aperture increases by the amount of subjects, but still I miss focus.
  15. My aperture was set at 5.6 or somewhere around there.
  16. Hey, I'm using my Canon Mark 6d with a 24-70 Tamron lens and I feel like I'm struggling to get the sharpness I want and having focusing issues. How can I achieve the sharpness n focusing issue? I photograph a group of 8 and they were all very soft. Any recommendations? TIA!
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