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  1. I finished all the way to 6 is that the end?
  2. Ok awesome can I move on really learning a lot !!
  3. That CMYK one won't change either this all my options..... Really OK GREAT
  4. They are except that one with the North America one it will not change there's nothing there and I have tried everything today--- just don't understand...First Pic is Bridge thats what come up when I click on Color settings---2nd Pic is PS when I click on Color settings....I have uninstalled bridge and PS even went to a lesser version but I don't know what's going on...
  5. I cannot change the color settings I have tried everything....Can I move on the the 2nd class...
  6. tried everything and don't know what to do....even reinstalled the programs again..I'm lost
  7. Were going to eat and I'll have to figure this out when I get back..Would reinstalling the programs again fix it or can I rest them???
  8. Its not letting me not sure how to do it I guess..
  9. My computer is only 3 years old pretty up to date Mac and Programs are all updated..... ok Now I went into bridge and click on SHOW SAVED SETTINGS FILE ON THE BOTTOM and that file with the North American thing popped up???? Now what do I do???
  10. Thats Bridge not there either.that second pic is when I open the color space...
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