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  1. I did another test on a photo that was only edited in LR, never exported to PS and back. Source file and saving as original are the same size, but saving as PSD is larger by about 7MB.
  2. I just ran a comparison. The original file is 18.1MB. When exported to PS from LR and saved (back in LR now), that file saved as a PSD is 59.9MB. That same exact photo that was edited in PS but exported as original is a whopping 172.1MB!!
  3. Thank you for the quick reply! I wasn't sure given that if I export to PS, when I'm finished with that edit, they save as a PSD in LR, so I just figured they should all be the same.
  4. Current workflow (summarized): 1) Import to LR - convert to DNG 2) Edit in LR/PS 3) Export to ShootProof to client galleries (JPEG) 4) Export all edited photos to HD and cloud storage as PSD. When exporting from LR for storing the processed photos, I have the option for image format as jpeg, psd, tiff, dng, original. Which option should I be choosing?? Again, this photos are not for the clients to print, just for storing.
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