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  1. hmmmm ok....... I was sure i read it somewhere in your tutorials. So just to confirm....... when i add an adjustment layer and it automatically adds a mask that is fine? so if i do a levels layer and i want it over the whole image it doesn't matter if its there? I have no idea where i got this idea from then. so it must of happened with an auto update on PS i guess. Thanks D, i am looking forward to doing the channels course soon
  2. because i turned it off........ and have no idea how i did lol now it keeps automatically adding a mask to every layer adjustment i do. sometimes i don't want one on there. I know that it is part of one of your courses as i remember you taking us through a few settings to set up ps so it works better. but for the life of me i cant figure it out or remember.
  3. Hi Guys! For the life of me, I have searched Google and Ask D, I can't figure out where i go to stop PS automatically adding a mask to a new layer. Can anyone direct me to this please! TIA!!
  4. Hi D attached is the original and the sky swap. is the sky swap ok? and am i correct in cloning out the power poles before adding the different sky? I will be cloning out the bases of them eventually. thanks
  5. Thank you! I needed that prompt which made me go back to your layers and masks class to remind me
  6. I think I have totally confused myself with this tutorial D. and i am not sure this is the right spot to ask. you say....... Next, add a mask to the sky layer. Then choose the Gradient Tool, and draw a gradient from black somewhere below the horizon, to white at the top of the image: am i doing a quick mask and hitting levels? masking out the area of the pic i don't want to see?
  7. Hey Damo, I just checked out the new RAW class. Big thumbs up mate! how freaking awesome is the raw class flow chart!!!! cheers mate
  8. Yes I did try that Damien, and I couldn't get it to look similar to surrounds. it had a green tinge which i tried to correct but was unsuccessful. The method using the new layer and changing to colour above worked better, looked more real. Here is the finish result. How does it look to you?
  9. Thanks!!! That helped heaps! I have noted that down
  10. oh thank god! i thought I had totally missed something! lol
  11. Dumb question but "sky key" what is it or where is it?
  12. Hi D, on this image of this bike, there is a red reflection (or i think its a reflection) on the gold rim of the back wheel. How do i reduce the red and make it gold like it should be? Not all of the rim is lit but that one section is. Thanks!
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