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  1. No worries, thanks for trying 😊 I just really hope it’s not my HDD 😫
  2. Not sure. I don’t do anything else when transferring. Plus the old one was on computer for awhile and was grand until I opened it again yesterday.
  3. Yes I had to reload them from card. Then it was fine
  4. Also, one of them from today was fine first time i took it to acr. Went wrong when I went back to it. So I’m guessing it’s not my card that’s messed up?
  5. Ok got it. Will stick to internal No those were in camera raw when it happened. As soon as opened. But tbf the older shot could’ve gone wrong in acr as well today, I just didn’t noticed because I opened a batch and took them straight to ps. Which is when I noticed the problem.
  6. I have a Mac desktop running High Sierra and Photoshop Cc. It is over 2 years old, and has 24GB of RAM. Its hard drive has 604GB free out of 999GB. The last time I shut down was earlier today. I run a cleanup program about once a month.
  7. HI, I seem to be having some problems with my images corrupting today, getting quite worried my imac is dying! This happened to 3 photos today, one i edited months ago (was fine then) went to crop for print today and bam! Plus 2 more from todays session. Ones from todays session were stored on my external harddrive and edited form there and the old one was on my internal. any advice please?
  8. cool thanks! i will try that
  9. So sorry for the delay! i just added levels layers, i was only concentrating on colour and her skin flakes before, forgotten about that bit!
  10. Yes will do tonight, thanks!
  11. Haha ok, blue it is. How do I fix it? Add yellow? Please don't say to go back to raw ? frequency separation took an age and a half ?
  12. Hi Damien, I'm having massive issues with this baby from a workshop i done recently, i fixed flaky skin, but i can't her skin tone to look right, she looks so magenta but when i try to fix she comes out too green lol. I took wb off the white blanket, second pic is Soor, first is my attempt at fixing the magenta> any help would be much appreciated. Thanks :0
  13. oh wow! cool thanks, i will try tonight
  14. Hi Damien, I can't work out how to achieve this effect, Ive played around with levels and saturation but its not looking right. I'd love to do something like this. Any advice please My pic below is SOOR Thanks i advance!
  15. ok thanks! I have the bottom 2 turned off per your advice awhile back, ts just the difference seemed quite drastic in this case, i was wondering if something went wrong somewhere i
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