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  1. My guess is maybe it's a dropbox issue? Because even if they were on Facebook at one point, why would the ICC profile or whatever be weird? I download images all the time from fb and edit them!! (When given permission of course hahaha!) What do you think? Sorry for so many replies.
  2. Your images should be 3888 x 2592 they are only 2048x1365 the 2048 is specific to fb I never uploaded them to Facebook though ? I don't get it ok that one is right!! I seriously never uploaded them to Facebook...I don't get it i dunno!! all thrones in dropbox were like that the ones* ok that posted weird!! Anyway he sent me a new one and it uploaded fine.
  3. Is it possible that he has his camera set to take that size images? He swears he has never cropped on put on Facebook.
  4. Yeah!! I thought that was weird because that's what I always crop to, but he says he sent the originals and never uploaded to fb. I am going to have re-download and send again. I think his memory is failing him! LOL
  5. I tried to look that up, it didn't tell me! Weird?? I will ask him!
  6. Ok, se he just sent me this "As it would turn out, I did load those images to my computer first and then uploaded to dropbox." So??
  7. I am NOT trying to use it. I don't even know what an ICC profile is LOL! As soon as I open it up in PS "The embedded ICC profile cannot be used because the ICC profile version is not supported. Ignoring the profile". He doesn't even have PS. I just talked to him, and he uploaded from his SD card straight to dropbox. Maybe that's the problem? Could it be a dslr camera setting? I really know NOTHING about file types etc. Need to read up on that!!! (Oh and yeah I thought the "untagged" was bad.)
  8. My friend sent me an image he wants me to edit. The ICC profile says it's not accepted. Is that something he can change on his end? I am not even sure where to find the information about the profile. Here is what it looks like zoomed in. Let me know what else you need!
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