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  1. Thanks for the feedback, Brian! I got this lens specifically because I am leaning towards doing mainly newborn and maternity sessions and after discussing with MANY newborn photogs, the majority use either the 24-70, the sigma art 35 or the sigma art 50. I've looked at all the pictures from the photographers as well and felt that since I have the nifty fifty 1.4 already, and a nikon 85 1.8 (which I don't use for newborns), the 24-70 would be best at rounding out my gear. It was either that or the 35mm art. I also do senior and family sessions on location so the 24-70 would go well with my Sigma 70-200. Plus, my in home studio is very small, so i don't have much room to step back. With my 50, I find myself struggling with being back far enough. I rented a 24-70 last year and honestly, I wasn't that impressed, but I chalked it up to it being either me not doing something right or the lens being a rental, getting beat up and abused. Now I'm really wondering... When I got the 85mm and took my first shot, it was awesome. I knew I was keeping that lens. This one just feels okay....and for the money it costs, I need to love it. I will be going out this week and putting both the camera and all my lenses to the test. My camera just got back this past week from Nikon for the shutter issue they have on recall. So the inside of the camera is brand new and clean. As far as being in a lab, well yeah I agree but I did my best with a tripod. ;-) I am looking for tack sharp, so maybe the 24-70 isn't going to be the lens for me. =/
  2. I bought a used Nikon 24-70 from B&H photo last week with a rating of 9+ on their website, which means it's in excellent condition. Today I am calibrating all my lenses with Reikan FoCal Pro. When doing this lens it tells me that the lens astigmatism is higher than average and under Consistency Of Focus it says There is more variability in your autofocus result than is typical. It gave me a fine tune of +17 at 24mm and 70mm. So are those issues worth me sending the lens back for? The images are from the final report. One is for 24mm and other is 70mm.
  3. Ok, I see. Alright, thank you for the information! Hubby will just get a cheap monitor then and save some money. ? He doesn't need anything fancy.
  4. No, I don't believe so. So xrite display pro can't handle wide gamut? Is there a product that does?
  5. Well last month I posted about having troubles with it and you asked if I was hooked up to dual monitors. I was and that seemed to fix the issue I was having with prints not matching. Well the prints match in every color EXCEPT red is too bright. Even on other websites I notice that the red is almost florescent. It isn't as apparent in photoshop, moreso on websites. Like the notification box on Facebook (the red one that pops up with the number of new notifications you have) is very bright. So that's the issue.. Just was thinking if I'm having issues every time I calibrate maybe a different monitor would work better. I'm hesitant to calibrate as often as I'm supposed to.
  6. Yes. Here ya go. http://www.dell.com/ed/business/p/dell-u2713hm/pd
  7. Hubby is probably taking my monitor and letting me get a new photo editing monitor. The monitor I have now is the Dell U2713H. It's a good monitor but every time I have calibrated it's given me problems. Not saying it's not user error but really want a good monitor that is easy to calibrate with Xrite Display Pro. Is there anything? Or should I stick with what I have?
  8. Will this sharpen okay? Or toss it?
  9. Vanessa D


    Thank you, Damien! I will give it a go.
  10. I removed extra monitor, started all over from scratch and now this is my drop down options so I will try the wide gamut one.
  11. I have dual monitors. I do have another computer as well. Here's the technology on the drop down menu:
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