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  1. Thanks for your help on these. I’m not used to having this much trouble with my focus!
  2. I was hoping to composite these two images with the left side of 144 (the first three images) and the right side of 142 (the second three images). I have included a rough composite image (the last one) which has then been further cropped to show you what I had in mind. f/ 5.6 1/800 second ISO 640 24-70 lens/ 142 is at 40m/ 144 is at 32 mm
  3. f/ 5.6 1/800 sec ISO 1000 24-70 lens at 66mm
  4. This image would likely be cropped so I have included a potential cropped image as well. This is an alternative to another one that you felt was not sharp enough. f/ 5.6 1/800 sec ISO 500 24-700 lens at 44 mm
  5. I forgot to add the 700x700 crop of the one dog that seems fuzzy. The other dog is ok.
  6. f/5.6 1/800 ISO 640 24-70@48
  7. f/4.5 1/400 sec ISO 2200 35mm In looking at this crop, I perhaps did not remove all the noise and color noise properly?
  8. Thanks. Have some alternatives perhaps
  9. f /5.6 1/800 sec ISO 500 24-70@48
  10. f/5.6 1/800 ISO 500 24-70 @ 48
  11. f /5.6 1/500 sec ISO 500 24-70 at 60 mm
  12. full image and a possible crop included. potential to be printed as 20x30" canvas f/5.6 1/500 sec ISO 500 24-70@60mm
  13. Damien, if we may crop the image rather substantially, do you also need to see a cropped version of the image?
  14. Hi, Damien -- thanks for setting this up and for taking the time to help all of us! Signing in from South Carolina.
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