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  1. 400% zoom in + 5px brush + shift key = miracle Thank you Damien! railing - "careful masking" doesn't help. I get either the guy's leg and shoe to the double railing. I thought of using the same method. I have to start over anyway. Didn't notice a brick shifting above. Will post again tomorrow.
  2. Damien, it is working amazing. I would need further advice about the halo around the man's arm and double railing. 100% crop attached.
  3. I haven't. Thanks for the idea! Will try it later even though I'm not quite sure how to do it.
  4. Hello Damien, I would like to remove the guy in the background (light blue suit and yellow tie). I've asked him to move to the side couple of times but he was ignorant and stayed there. I've tried unsuccessful Quick selection and Fill Content-aware. This is a dear photo of my husband and his colleges.
  5. Hello! This is a dream come true! I was hoping for a long time that such a forum will be "born"!
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