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  1. The size of it when viewed on TVs or in the cinema.
  2. Hi guys ive looked to se what aspect ratio star wars was shot in as if like to try to recreate that in a photo but of course everyone seems to be arguing about it on the web. Does anyone know the answer. Cheers
  3. Ok I must have hit the uncheck button at some stage, I've now checked it & all is working fine. Thanks everyone for your input & help.
  4. when you say this, what does that mean? have i done (or not done) something to make this keep happening because my workflow hasn't changed & this started happening around a week ago
  5. I'm just trying different things to work it out. even if i don't crop my psd i save first & then crop, save as jpeg then try to close its asking to save psd again.
  6. ok so just tried it again. If i open in photoshop & save straight away as psd, then save as jpeg all seems fine. If i open in photoshop, crop my psd & save all is fine, but if i open in photoshop, crop & save as psd then dodge or burn or something minor, save as jpeg then go to close its asking me to save the psd again
  7. Its happening even if i don't do anything in photoshop (no layers) If i open a file, save as a psd, then save as jpeg when i close its asking me to save the psd again???
  8. Hi guys So when i open an image in photoshop cc I save as a psd, then whatever i do after then save as a jpeg. Thats all fine but when i go to close the image or photoshop it asks me to save the psd again. it sounds trivial but its sooooo bloody annoying. I did a search & people had been told to go >preferences>plug-ins>generator & turn that off & that seems to work for some people but not for me. Has anyone else come across this & found a fix?? Cheers Nige
  9. Hey Im off to the UK this week & was wondering if there was any way I can study my classes offline, on the plane, out of wifi etc cheers
  10. ok so i have worked out that the pictures scroll down but only by accident. the scroll bar only appears after i started scrolling down but still no side bar.
  11. just tried it in chrome & still not working
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