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  1. I did try that. Just hoping there was a better remedy that wasn't too complicated. Thanks!
  2. Wth is the best way to soften or somehow make this bottle look not so intrusive with its loud label?
  3. It's darker, I edited it again starting with the original. I wanted to try your dust and scratches for skin and eye bag solution. I may bring exposure back up. Obviously I have a learning curve! lol
  4. Ok. Here I am. What route do you recommend for sharpening a portrait? Oh and what do you think of the smoothing, etc?
  5. Damien, I know you prefer PS but do you also have noise removal instructions if I do my raw edits in LR?
  6. Yes there aren't many spots that need work. I'll look at that link. Thanks.
  7. I'm incredibly impressed with your knowledge and system you've set up, but the insults are offputting.
  8. I have a Mac laptop running 10.9.5 and Lightroom 5. It is over 2 years old, and has 16GB of RAM. Its hard drive has 120GB free out of 500GB. The last time I shut down was more than a week ago, because I'm an idiot. I have never run a cleanup program. Wow.
  9. It's just not opening the image
  10. I am having trouble in getting LR files to open into PS for editing. I have tried using Cmd E, and also Photo>Edit in Adobe PS 6. Ideas? Thank you!
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