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  1. Cheers mate.. going by your guide "If the photo is approximately 3×5, scan it at 720ppi"... they are approx 3.5x3.5 in.... Keep at 720ppi
  2. Hi Damien, I have some old photos I'd like to scan - what DPI should I be looking at?
  3. Hi Damien, I want to resize and print this at 36x24in.. Is the focus up to it? I can't decide...
  4. Unlike preparing for normal print, selecting the document size (width, height and resolution), after normal editing what size do I resize too, as the image templates are all different sizes in the photobook software.. And as for sharpening - what radius do I use? Do I use the "cheat method" (two-thrids of the long edge of the album?? - depending on what album size I choose).. Or do I just edit and sharpen the image in its full size? Leave my PSA at 300% (my normal amount).. ???
  5. Hi Damien, I've been asked to do a photobook (something like online Snapfish).. Just like when preparing for a specific size of print, do I have to to edit with a particular crop - (width, height and resolution) for creating a photobook file?
  6. Hi Damien, Scenario - 10 different folders in Bridge and have selected my 5* images from each folder... Is there a way to select all of these 5* images at once, from across all the different folders to edit, instead of having to select and edit individually..??
  7. Hi Damien, I have this image I took (attached), where the horizontal is corrected in ACR for the sea, but the vertical for the tower is now out.. Any idea on how I can correct this to accommodate both ?
  8. I've always used (for years) Canon's own image transfer software, but only had this issue since updating to Bridge 2019 recently..
  9. It seems that previous photos are ok..! Weird... Could it be a camera setting thing (although no settings have changed in my camera)..??
  10. Yeah - they stay in landscape orientation rather than automatically reverting to portrait - even in ACR.. Obviously, I can rotate them manually but it's a 'pita' when you have a few..
  11. Hi Damien, I've just updated to Bridge 2019 and all portrait images taken on my camera now transfer to computer in landscape orientation, whereas before, any images taken in portrait stayed in portrait automatically...!! Any ideas??
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