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From now until Sunday or Monday I'll be busy with our school's fete.  I'll still be online, but not as frequently as usual.  Thanks for your patience.


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  1. I went to Lowe's and could only find bulbs that were 5000k or 3000k. Would would you choose? Should I just worry about the lumens? I'm going to have trouble getting enough brightness no matter what because of my little ceiling fan fixture. I'll have to add some lamps to the room.
  2. A week ago they told us he would never cognitively talk again. However, over the last 2.5 week he made gains. Realistically we are looking at, after insurance, caring for two parents in our home, or long term nursing home care (They are 69yrs and 72yrs old). Neither parent can cognitively tell us their wishes or what their current finances are. They lived out of state from us and we now have a home to deal w/ 14 hours from ours. A big mess. God is good and there are many blessings so far. Things like this make you change your perspective and force you to stretch in ways you never imagined.
  3. Didn't. Maybe this coming Monday? Our lives have been turned upside down due to a health issue in the family a few weeks ago. Long story short..I'm now caring for my ill MIL in my home who needs 24-7 care because my FIL had a massive stroke and is in a rehabilitation center. I have a family of my own and work. Doing my usual errands now requires a ton of pre-planning. Thank you for checking and thank you for your patience. I hide on my computer late at night to continue learning and hopefully moving on to the next course.
  4. Thanks!! I use to edit in the dark but recently switched to having my ceiling light on. BUT, they are warm. I will make a trip to the store tomorrow for the 900 lumens! I usually try to take my prints outside for day light comparison. It's tricky switching views from PC to out-side. I'll compare w/ new bulbs in a day or so. Thank you.
  5. ugh. I think I may be paranoid. I feel my screen is a touch brighter and more red than my prints. Sometimes I feel the blacks/contrast are stronger on my screen than my prints. I just compared some photos to my screen under a LED lamp since the sun is setting here. They seem okay under that light. I'm never confident in my color or contrast so that is why I'm here. Your suggestions to raise my exposure/brightness on my photos also has me thinking my screen is off.
  6. Hi, I pulled up 7 more images that I have prints for. A variety of blues/warms and tones. My monitor seems a touch bluer and slightly more magenta. Can I have botched setting the 'native' white point or maybe even going from unknowns to normal gamut and white LED settings have changed it. Thanks
  7. Hi! I've been using SpyderPro4 for a few years. My computer did an update to windows 10 and I immediately tried a re-calibrate. First prob I ran into was it wasn't offering the pause to adjust brightness during calibration. So, I uninstalled and reinstalled my software. I then followed your resource for calibration. http://www.damiensymonds.net/cal_S4P_pc.html It took a few times but I was able to adjust the brightness to 90 and that looks 'good'! However, I followed your directions for going through the Kelvin process and setting a 'Native' white-point and my monitor appears MUCH bluer than I'm use too. I also selected normal gamut and White LED, instead of unknown. I uploaded a test file (see attached) in PS that I keep as a 18x12 print on hand for comparison. It appears okay but I'm still in shock over the blues I'm seeing. Could I have been that way off before?? Thanks! Jen
  8. Thanks for your help! I'll keep at it.
  9. Thanks, I took a crack at it. Am I on the right track? Thanks!
  10. Interesting! I appreciate your feedback. I've never used photo filter before. If you have the PSD file I would love to have a look. Can you please explain your SOOR criteria? I'm attaching the file w/ the adjustments I made out of LR prepped for PS. Exposure, WB, Lens correction, camera calibration (2010 vivid). I take the blacks down to 0 and fill light to +20. Default sharpening. Let me know if this matches your SOOR. I didn't crop! It's as shot. Thanks!
  11. Can you please advise me on the best way to correct jaundice skin on newborns? This babe is very orange and yellow!! Thanks!
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