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  1. I just recently calibrated my IMac with an i1 Display Pro, it was off so bad and that’s why my prints came back awfully dark and didn’t matched nothing like what I see on my monitor. Now that I have calibrated my monitor,..... Do I need to start all over with the images I edited with an un calibrated monitor???
  2. I have already corrected the color space on ACR for future edits. Unfortunately I edited images with the wrong color space, Is there a way to change the color space without having to re-edit all the images again?
  3. Hi Damien, long time since I've been here. Just today I noticed my mac desktop overheating a lot more than normal. 27inch iMac. It works fine and even though it's very hot I can still edit pictures. But it's beginning to worry me so I just turn it off. I can't hear any fans running so I think the fans are out. Any DIY tips?
  4. How can i smooth out the sand around and make it look believable?
  5. Oh i forgot to mention that I do have a 27" mid 2011 model.
  6. You say you'd personally invest in a large thunderbolt EHD, is this a better option, to just add the 16GB of RAM and getting the large Thunderbolt EHD?
  7. I keep all my photos on EHD, I'm comfused when you say to keep 75% free of what? Hard drive space or RAM?
  8. Hi Damien, I'm going to order the crucial 16GB kit from amazon for my mac, can you refer me to a reputable site that can show me how to install this myself? Thanks
  9. OMG damien i was just searching crucial. A friend mentioned them to be very reliable. Now I have to see if they also offer SSD, I was also told to get rid of my HHD and go SSD.
  10. Damien, do you know how much more memory I can add to my mac?
  11. I would also love to know what can I upgrade. I bought my Mac back in 2012.
  12. I have a Mac desktop running OS X EL CAPITAN and Photoshop 2015CC. It is over 2 years old, and has 4GB of RAM. Its hard drive has 243.24GB free out of 999.35GB. The last time I shut down was last night. I have never run a cleanup program.
  13. Hi Damien I keep getting this error. I already purged. Need help please.
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