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  1. Once thru a while ago, life is calming down and I'm getting back to these things now. Thanks, I'll probably B&W and color it. The baby is my older sister :-)
  2. I've tried every method I know on this color cast. I can only get it reduced, not even close to eliminated. I have no idea if it was a problem to begin with since this is a scan of the original slide and this baby is now 63 years old. Any advice?
  3. Hmmm, now I wonder... I have Elements 11 on another machine, I'll have a look-see if it might do better there.
  4. Anything! lol! We (my husband fortunately is an IT guy) found a newer 64 bit version and after getting that installed it said it couldn't run it because of a disk error :-S Again, it's 9 pm and the alarm goes off at 4 am so it's waiting til tomorrow or Wed.
  5. Thanks for checking in; I am still struggling with getting the filter installed to run properly...
  6. Well there's a learning curve.... It's 9PM here, I've dl-ed the filter but I'm going to play with it tomorrow when I'm fresh. Once the texture's handled, then on to the mold?
  7. Yes, paper is textured. Based on my friend's age, I'd say this is a late 1980s chain store photo studio shot.
  8. Here's the scan. As I said, Dust & Scratches seemed useless and Color Replacement was hopeful until it came to areas like hair. Any guidance is much appreciated
  9. I must admit, they lost me with restoring luminosity and blend mode math.... I just posted that chunk to see if anyone could tell me if there even *was* a way to handle it, I have the original scan. Shall I start a new thread and post it?
  10. Sorry, I just saw this. Of course I knew that but I was under the impression you didn't give advice on restoration?
  11. http://kansaspitts.com/the-williams-family-a-family-sunrise-beach-session-in-south-walton-by-kansas-studios/
  12. Sorry, my bad; I'll find another. Also, I've done your RAW, Levels and Layers & Masks and am in the Channel Mixer class. Maybe it's time for a re-up??
  13. OK then... I grabbed the second one from an older computer, what is lacking there? And is the first photo unacceptable since we used it for the other thread? I have others from the same set.
  14. Will this suffice? There are blown areas in the sky but color detail as well. RAW edits and Levels work done...
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